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Deep within the blue ocean, a city of sunken ships and colorful coral exists. The once proud, sturdy, and regal ships were now covered in the amazing colors of coral and unique creatures were seen among the various parts and pieces of wood and coral.
A pair of glowing, moon-like eyes peered from the darkness of a large hole in the side of a fairly large ship. Light seemed to be repelled from the inky blackness, as even the brightest of the sun's rays were refused entrance into the pit. The eyes were pupil-less, the orbs truly appearing as if the moon took a temporary home within them.
The glowing moons were focused on one spot, never shifting, never changing, never moving at all. Finally, after a few moments, the sand in that spot began to move. A pair of funnily positioned eyes opened and a strangely flat body lifted slightly from the sandy bottom and began to move closer to the location of the eyes.
The silver orbs were not, however, paying further attention to the approaching flounder, they were staring almost mockingly at a line of sandy, coral-covered rocks and pieces of ship. When two of them shifted and actually became a cobalt blue color, it was clear that they were octopi.
Again the eyes moved, landing on a particularly large grouping of multi-colored coral and some meandering seaweed, where, after a few seconds, three surprisingly large sized seahorses and two equally large sea dragons were revealed.
The assortment of creatures all made their way over to the hole where the smug silver eyes lay. The seahorses and sea dragons were the last to arrive but were relieved to cling onto the new tendrils of black that slithered from the hole. The two octopi settled their suctioned legs onto the wood of the ship that framed the hole, the flounder already having shifted itself back into a partially covered position in the sand next to the octopi.
The silver eyes were gentle now, they held affection and care for those around them. Smaller tendrils of black snaked from the hole and began to occupy themselves with tenderly caressing the creatures around them. The octopi becoming a softer, more relaxed teal blue and the flounder allowing the tentacle to massage the tender area around its gills and eyes.
The smaller creatures, the seahorses and dragons, were happy enough to let the serpentine limbs entwine their bodies enough to keep them anchored without having to fight the natural current. Suddenly, a moderately sized, white squid flashed on the scene and came to a stop in front of the eyes. Silver orbs narrowed in concern and worry as images and feelings, all tinged in urgency, panic, and fear, were pushed into the forefront of its mind. The other creatures all being quiet and still, waiting for the reaction of the kind being who held their attentions.
The silver eyes started to glow, a sense of importance filling the area. The smaller creatures knew what to do, they were to return to their colonies, and gather the young, unable, and elderly, keep them calm, united, and safe.
The flounder was to gather its kin, pursue the hunt, and return with any and all information gathered. It left just as instantly as the seahorses and sea dragons.
The octopi listened and understood their mission, gathering the others of their forces and leading them in the charge, they would protect their fellow water brothers.
The squid, though possessing an impressive size, was not one known for its courage, and so began to shake in nerves. The freed tendrils of black wrapped themselves comfortingly around the convulsing squid and drew the creature into the hole.
Somewhere, deep below the fear and worry, awe and respect for the creature holding it was slowly registering. A bubble of water formed around the squid, one that felt as if it was in the waters of its natural depths, cold, toxic, and flashes of burning heat began to comfort the squid, the gentle swaying motions of the bubble contributing to the diminishing convulsions.
Suddenly, twin moons appeared in sight of the squid's eye. The silver orbs transfixing the eye of the squid and leading to total relaxation. The bubble began to move, although the squid was unaware, still drowsily gazing into the soft glow of the silver moons.
Said moons watched as the bubble moved further and further, heading directly for the deep, black waters in which the squid usually lived. The effects of the eyes were going to last until the squid no longer had any reason to feel fear. Which meant, as soon as the squid's body was in its natural waters, the bubble would dissolve, the moons would disappear, and the squid would return to its usual routine.
The glowing eyes hardened, becoming cold, poisonous, metal. Gone were the playful, soothing, caring moons, and in their place, a survivor and leader had taken over. The threat of foreign predators was never easy, but under the leadership of the eyes, none were harmed, and all enemies were felled.
The eyes began to move forward, tendrils of black slithering out of the dark hole. Tense moments were had before finally, the hole was empty, and completely visible. It was  just a large, plain hole with nothing special inside of the illuminated ship.
A creature…no…human…no…a being…floated quietly outside of the hole. Silver eyes glowing mercilessly, black enshrouded body long and lean, two dainty, silver tipped feet peeked out. Silver anklets encircled the ankles loosely, but the most interesting aspect of this being was…her hair?
Long, ever moving waves, each as black as the darkest pits of the ocean and each tendril as long as the body was tall, even without the use of it elastic growing abilities. The woman was tall like an Amazon, delicate, like a seahorse, but more powerful and fearsome, than even the greatest of the Leviathans that hid from human discovery. The glow of steel-hard eyes would ensnare the senses off those who crossed her, bringing a craze similar to that of the Moon's own powers in full light.
A silver and black circlet sat upon her brow, The Heart of the Ocean set in her forehead and framed by the circlet itself. Her name, or one of them, was Mare. And she…was the one…the one who held the power of the moon and the sea…all within those endless, hypnotic, silver eyes. The moon slept dormant in those eyes, at least until the night began, in which the seas and oceans began to pray, pray and rejoice, for the moon was life, the moon was power, the moon…was theirs.
However, foreign predators now threatened the sanctuary of the moon, and her Lunacy would not stand for her followers and her home to be hurt. The moon rarely involved herself amongst the affairs of those outside her jurisdiction, but upon entering her waters, her territory, you allowed your life, to be laid in her hands. And once you decided to threaten her peace, your life, was forfeit.
Far away, within the safety of her Lunacy's protected spots, many had the thought to feel slight pity for those who dared to anger their goddess, for her mercy, love, and patience was saintly, until one crossed the line, then, and only then…those were the times in which Her Lunacy's name and title were proven and reinforced…emphatically.
So, at the direction of their goddess and provider, the sea and ocean attacked, they rejected and fought the foreign predators, and through sheer brutality, triumphed, all unharmed and untouched, and all among those armies carried freshly cemented respect and awe for their goddess, who had unleashed her fury and wrath, proving to all, why she was referred to, as Her Lunacy.

            "So, why did they call her 'Her Lunacy?'"
Toffee eyes peered thoughtfully upwards, trying to figure out the answer to the question she had just asked. Sol had been pondering that question ever since she had heard it in the tale her mother had just told.
"Well, the answer to that question is something that maybe you have heard before, but told in a different context."
Sol looked curiously into her mother's sweet cinnamon colored eyes and gestured for her to continue, but it was her dad's deep, bass voice that responded.
"Sol, you know how most people like to joke around and say that the full moon makes people act in ways they never would, that they would act loony?"
Aero, her father, looked directly into Sol's toffee eyes, his twinkling amber eyes hiding a smile in them. Terra, Aero's wife and Sol's mom, stifled a laugh, having heard the actual answer to Sol's question many years ago.
"Yeah, I always thought people said that because of the whole tide thing, or because of werewolves and lycans or something."
Sol's narrowed eyes pierced her parents' gazes and both had to chuckle a bit at their daughter's customary fiery temper and gaze.
"Well, sweetie, the reason Mare was called 'Her Lunacy,' was because of what she could do, having the power of the moon and the waves within her being."
Aero took over his wife's explanation, "Mare, when in battle to protect her home and loved ones, would use the power of her eyes to cast her foes into deep, disorienting illusions that often lead to them either weakening and breaking down, or their minds deteriorating to the point of madness, or…"
"Or lunacy, right? So, I'm guessing that the 'luna' in lunacy, must be in reference to the moon, specifically the full moon?"
Happy smiles graced the faces of both adults and encouraging nods lead to the smile on Sol's twelve-year-old face.
"You're right, Sol! For centuries, people had many superstitions regarding the Full Moon and often used it as an explanation or excuse for strange and unusual behavior, hence the word, 'lunacy.' It just so happens, that Mare had enough power, even with the dormant moon, to actually influence the mind and senses. Her Lunacy was not just a title of respect or status, but it was also a direct reference to her deadly ability to affect your body and mind. That made her a goddess that was rarely messed with."
"Wow, dad! That's so cool! She sounds like a really graceful warrior! Mom," Sol turned giddily to her mother, "dad told you this story when you guys first started dating, right?"
Terra nodded, happy memories of the past flowing through her mind. "Yes sweetie, he told me this story on one of our earlier dates, and I was intrigued with the whole thing ever since."
"Wow…" shining toffee eyes gazed into glowing amber orbs in respect and admiration. Sol found it incredible that her dad would know of such a cool story and actually told her mom about it.
"Well, kiddo, time for shut-eye. You've got to get to the academy early tomorrow, so make sure you get plenty of sleep."
"Kay, dad, night you guys! Love you!" Sol yawned, wriggling deeper into her covers.
Once Aero and Terra shut Sol's door, they headed for their room and proceeded to get into bed themselves. Terra had fallen asleep after five minutes, spooned against her warm husband. Aero, however, lay awake a few moments longer, watching the mirror that was placed on the wall in front of their bed. Looking briefly at a random spot, he nodded and closed his eyes, settling in and allowing sleep to take him.
In the mirror, nothing looked out of the ordinary, except for one thing…the reflection of a huge, silver, glowing moon…showing the face of a beautiful being, one with endlessly flowing black waves, a circlet upon her brow, closed eyes, and a gentle smile upon her lips.
Her Lunacy was pleased, after all, one of her sea dragons actually kept her memory alive, even though his family thought her a mere legend, the fact that she was still in their minds allowed her to hope for a return to the old ways, to the days when her celestial body wasn't just a rock floating around the body of Pangaea…or Mother Earth as they now called her. She could only hope…only…hope…

...Well...I hope this story isn't too bad. DO NOT STEAL ANY OF THE CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!
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